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We are Len Testa & Jim Hill. And we've got LITERALLY gazillions of Disney & Universal-related stories to tell you. Okay, maybe not gazillions. But we’ve definitely got enough tales about the rides, shows and attractions that were never built as well as detailed info about the history and future of themed entertainment, to keep you informed and entertained for years yet to come.

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Well, each podcast is available à la carte right here on Bandcamp. Or you can purchase a monthly subscription and then receive each new podcast automatically when it comes out.

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Well, Len & Jim value each and every one of their subscribers. Which is why they’ll be producing content exclusive to anyone that subscribes. And if that's not enough, as a subscriber, you will also have the opportunity to ask Testa & Hill questions as well as discuss these podcasts with other Disney Dish fans in the Bandcamp community area. It's the perfect place to tell us what you think about Disney Dish. More importantly, let Len & Jim know what you'd like to hear more about in the future

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Here's what people are saying about the Disney Dish Podcast:

From Viking2869 on iTunes: "I love this podcast.It is by far my favorite. The banter and relationship that Len and Jim have works great. I would love for you guys to make the episodes longer. Be sure to check out the Bandcamp exclusive Bandcamp episodes."

From Michael S.on Twitter: "The best, best, best WDW Podcast! Jim & Len are the Abbott & Costello of Disney knowledge #Poducation."

From Patrick S. on iTunes: "Hill and Testa are my new Podcast heroes. I'd been spending time with "This American Life, TED Radio Hour and Serial. Disney Dish has taken over my podcast queue. Loving the chronological look at Disneyland. The stuff on Bandcamp is pretty awesome too. Gotta love it."

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Jim, Len and Nancy

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